Fully Automated Mercury Analyzer for Petro products in compliance with UOP 938-20 method

The Automated Petro- Pyrolysis Mercury Analyzer (PE -1 & PE 1000) from Nippon Instrument Corporation, Japan ensures quick, ultra-highly sensitive and highly precise measurements of the trace level mercury concentration in crude oil, petroleum product, natural gas and others.

The technique used is Direct Thermal Decomposition – Gold Amalgamation – CVAFS (Fluorescence technology) for the measurement of mercury down to parts-per -trillion level.

 NIC Mercury Analyzer
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NIC PE-1000 Mercury Analyzer

Key Features

  • Fully automated analysis of samples that are difficult to measure, such as compounds with a low boiling-point.
  • Ultra-high sensitivity measurement (0.01 ppb) achieved by the thermal decomposition atomic fluorescence spectrometry.
  • Accurate and safe measurement by a closed system.
  • 15 & 121 position auto sample changer enhances analysis efficiency.
  • Accuracy management by standard check.
  • Heating and agitating functions.
  • Analyzer management by self-check at startup.
  • Measurement with an optional mercury collector tube is possible (for Gaseous Samples).


Measurement Sample:Liquid hydrocarbon, liquid (S-PE required), gas (RH-PE required)
Principle of Measurement: Thermal vaporization atomic fluorescence spectrometry
Light Source:Low-pressure mercury discharge tube
Wavelength:253.7 nm
Detector:Photomultiplier, phototube (calibration of light quantity of lamp
Detection Limit (Mercury Quantity):0.003 ng
Measurement Range:Up to 100 ng (RSD)
Measurement Time:Approximately 15 minutes
Flow Rate Setting Range:0.1 - 1.0 L/min
Measurement Carrier Gas:Purified air and argon
Exhaust Treatment:Adsorption by activated carbon exclusively for mercury
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