Nuclear Molecular Imaging

High Performance Preclinical Total Body PET, SPECT, CT and MRI

Bruker's molecular and nuclear imaging product portfolio was created to enable new discoveries and reveal more details about disease and therapeutics, while providing reproducible evidence.

By combining our novel PET, proven micro-CT and robust MRI technologies, we make translational multi-modal imaging more accessible to the research community and offering optimal solutions for laboratories. All while keeping in mind that software, animal handling and lab workflow is a key part of any laboratory.

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Highlight of the Product Offering

PET/MR 3T - High soft tissue contrast

MRI and PET combined...for the best of both worlds

The breakthrough in PET detector technology, together with the proven translational field strength MRI combined in one compact and easy to use instrument. Featuring PET Full Field of View Accuracy which provides homogeneous, constant PET resolution over the whole field of view and a newly developed 3T cryogen-free magnet .

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PET Insert - Trusted Preclinical MR Combines with Revolutionary PET Performance

The PET Insert* for simultaneous high-field MR and PET imaging represents a culmination of Bruker Si detector innovations including unique continuous crystal technology with precise DOI detection, integration with SiPMs, and advanced electronics with full row and column readout. These innovations supply up to 0.7 mm resolution at Full Field Accuracy (FFA) and with 12% sensitivity that now extends to simultaneous PET/MR imaging with instruments up to 15.2 Tesla.

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PET Insert

More Than The Sum of Its Parts

Highest molecular sensitivity combined with excellent MRI contrast and resolution.

The new PET Inline Module can be added to all high-field MRI systems for unsurpassed PET and MRI imaging performance. It features homogeneous, high-resolution and quantitative PET imaging and offers full field accuracy PET quantification with attenuation correction based on MRI attenuation maps.

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PET Inline Module


High Performance Total Body PET and CT for mice & rats with fast scan times with unparalleled quality

Two best in class imaging technologies, combined in one instrument. This complete solution was designed with the researcher in mind to offer unlimited possibilities for in vivo preclinical imaging applications.

Bruker's Full Field of View Accuracy SiPM PET technology, are now combined with low dose - high throughput SkyScan micro-CT. Offering a unique instrument, with supreme PET/CT imaging performance, the PET/CT Si78.

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True trimodal preclinical PET SPECT CT system

Albira Si is more powerful, more flexible and easier to use than ever, redefining what you can expect and supporting your research to reach new levels. The Albira Si was the first commercial SiPM-based PET, offering Full Field-of-View Accuracy (FFA), in imaging and quantification. Reinforced by high performance, seamlessly integrated SPECT and CT, the Albira Si is set the new standard in expectations from molecular imaging technology.

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