OMNIS Titration

Get ready to meet the new benchmark in titration: OMNIS Titrator: Get faster results, safer handling of chemicals, and easier adaptability to your requirements.

OMNIS Titration is the high-end potentiometric titrator that allows you to consolidate all your titration applications on a single platform. OMNIS Titration features various customization and automation options and ensures efficient and safe analyses. Its modular design allows you to scale up your titration system to perform up to five parallel titrations to perfectly match your needs.

OMNIS Titration
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  • Five manual or four fully automated titrations can be performed at the same time for a higher throughput
  • New patented system for safe and contact-free reagent exchange
  • Resolution of up to 100,000 steps for higher precision
  • Modular design for more flexibility
  • Modern and intuitive OMNIS software for reliable, reproducible, and traceable results
  • Compliance with FDA Regulation 21 CFR Part 11 and EudraLex, Volume 4, Annex 11


Automation has never been more powerful

With OMNIS Titration, you can perform up to four fully automated analyses at the same time. Compared to performing the same application on a stand-alone system, automation will save you up to 60% of time. Using an OMNIS Sample Robot, you can profit from automated changing of up to 175 samples. And once a rack has been analyzed, it can be replaced without stopping the analysis.

With the automation options for OMNIS Titration, you can increase your output without compromising on accuracy.

More safety and traceability in your lab

Avoid contact with the reagents. OMNIS Titration features our newly developed patented Liquid Adapter with 3S technology to make chemical handling easier and safer:

  • Safe chemical handling: Simply snap the adapter onto the bottle cap and avoid contact with the bottle contents.
  • Secure information transfer: The RFID chip in the bottle cap provides all relevant information on the content of the bottle.
  • Smart connection: The reagent data is automatically transmitted to the titration system.

Intuitive and user-friendly concept

Minimize titration errors. LEDs on the instruments show the status of the instrument, indicating if the system is ready or if there is an error. This intuitive concept was also applied to the OMNIS software featuring drag-and-drop functionalities as well as pre-installed methods and context-sensitive help.

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