Why Teach SPR?

SPR is the gold standard technique for measuring binding kinetics in both industry and academia. From discovering new drugs to gaining a better understanding of diseases, SPR is used by thousands of biotechnology companies and every pharmaceutical company in the world. Students who graduate with experience using cutting-edge techniques like SPR will be best prepared to start their career in industry or continue to do research in the academic world.

OpenSPR for Education- Novartis, Pfizer & Merck rely on SPR. Keep your students ahead.
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ApplicationsCompatible With
Kinetics/affinity characterization Proteins
Competition assays Lipids
Target identification Carbohydrates
Epitope mapping Antibodies
ScreeningNucleic acids 
Yes/No binding Small molecules
Concentration Cells
Nanoparticles & more

Why SPR?

Real-Time Monitoring - Provides binding kinetics (on/off rates, yes/ no binding and affinity values) 

Label-Free Detection - Avoid spending time and money on expensive labeling reagents and protocols Conserve Precious Samples Save money using low sample volumes and concentrations  

Reusable Sensor Chips - Regeneration buffers are used to disrupt the interaction between the analyte and ligand 

Complex Sample Testing - Test crude samples to reduce time and cost associated with purification Reliability and Accuracy Obtain accurate results from repeatable measurements associated with purification 

Benefits : For Students - Hands-on Experience, Increase Employability
                 For Instructors - Low-maintenance, Predesigned Labs 

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