Robotic analyzers

Turnkey or custom-made automation solutions

Skalar’s sophisticated SP2000 robotic platform offers dedicated and flexible automation solutions for routine analytical testing. Automation is available for a variety of applications including: BOD, COD, Test kit applications (ST-COD, TP, TN etc.), pH, Conductivity (EC), Alkalinity, Carbonate/Bicarbonate, Turbidity, Color, Ion Selective Electrodes (ISE) applications and Particle size distribution analysis in soil, Automatic weighing and filtration of the sample, Automatic sample pipetting etc.. Combinations of analyses or custom-made applications are also possible. All applied methods are in compliance with international regulations ISO, EPA, Standard Methods, DIN etc.

Robotic analyzers
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  • Automatic addition of dilution water
  • Automatic ATU dispensing
  • Automatic Seed dispensing
  • Automatic capping/ de-capping
  • Automatic sample pipetting
  • Automatic incubation

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