Automated Sample Preparation and Analysis

The FREESTYLE system is probably the most adaptable robotic equipment for sample preparation on the market. With this almost universally applicable system range, numerous processing steps can be automated.

As an example automation suits ideally in the areas of food, animal feed, environmental, and forensics analysis conducted in pharmaceutical laboratories or other fields of application. 

The FREESTYLE system takes on daily routine tasks in the laboratory, but also offers users a unique opportunity to combine specific working steps that were previously carried out individually.

Day and night and even over the weekend.

Automated Sample Preparation and Analysis
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  • Flexible Configuration and Combination: The FREESTYLE modules can be individually combined and retrofitted. The user obtains the opportunity to adapt the FREESTYLE to the changing requirements of his everyday work, and the system can be upgrated to cater for newly required functions at any time.
  • Many Racks, Plenty of Choice: A broad range of racks is available. All racks are already integrated in the system software and therefore quickly selectable. 
  • The Core of the System - the Software: All FREESTYLE modules come with the same user interface, thus the system can be expanded with new modules by a simple mouse click. The operation of the software is very easy and intuitive through drag & drop.

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