SAN++ Continuous Flow Analyzer

The San++ Automated Wet Chemistry Analyzer also known as Continuous Flow Analyzer has been designed as a modular system to meet the needs of laboratories which process a few samples or large volumes of samples.

System offers over 300 proven applications utilizing various combinations of automatic dilutions, additions, mixing, heating, dialysis, extractions, distillation, digestion, phase-separation, hydrolysis, ion-exchange/reduction and more.

SAN++ Continuous Flow Analyzer
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Popular Parameters

Principle: Automation of colorimetric method according to international directives such as EPA, ASTM, ISO, CEN, BIS, AOAC, DIN, NEN, ASBC, EBC, Mebak and user methods.

Ranges: Low ppb to high percentage levels

Parameters: 300+ Parameters

Applications: Water, Food, Detergent, Pharmaceuticals, Soil, Plant, Fertilizer and Tobacco

Total CyanideTotal PhenolTotal PhosphatesVolatile Acidity
ZincFree Amino NitrogenThiamineNitrogen (TKN)
Enzyme ActivityTotal HardnessTotal BicarbonateTotal Acidity
Total AlkalinityHydroxymethylfurfuralAnionic SurfactantsUrea
Hydrogen SulphideCholinesterase InhibitionAcetaldehydeAcetic Acid
AluminiumAmino AcidsAmmoniaAmylase
Amylose Ascorbic AcidBenzoic AcidBitternessBoron
CarbonCitric AcidChlorideChlorine
Digoxin EthanolFluorideFormaldehydeFormic Acid
FructoseGalactoseGlucoseL-Glutamic Acid
IronL-D-Lactic AcidLactoseMagnesium
L-Malic Acid MaltoseManganeseMethanol
MethanamineNiacinamideNickelNicotinic Acid
SulfiteTartaric AcidCalcium pantothenate(Total) Reducing Sugars
Sulfur Dioxide (free/total)Dissolved Organic Carbon


  • Possibility to measure upto 16 parameters in one system to measure simultaneously
  • Complex analysis can be automated with complete sample preparation like digestion, distillation, extraction, dialysis, etc.
  • Low detection limits with long path cells
  • Cost of reagent can be reduced having use of very low volume
  • Flexibility to use your own chemicals
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