Sievers M5310 C TOC Analyzers

Optimize treatment and meet effluent quality standards

Sievers M5310 C Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyzers are designed for the drinking water industry and environmental water quality monitoring. Offering an operating range of 4 ppb to 50 ppm, these analyzers are engineered to support disinfection byproduct compliance. Sievers M5310 C uses UV persulfate oxidation with membrane conductivity detection, making it compliant with SM 5310 C and US EPA 415.3. Meet regulatory goals and optimize treatment processes with the Sievers M5310 C TOC Analyzers.

Sievers M5310 C TOC Analyzers
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Sievers Membrane Conductometric Technology

Sievers Membrane Conductometric technology uses a gas-permeable membrane to selectively pass only the CO2 produced from the oxidation of organics. This prevents acids, bases, and halogenated compounds from interfering with the conductivity measurement from oxidation, thus preventing false high or false low TOC readings.

  • Calibration is recommended for M5310 C Analyzers just once per year and can easily be conducted on-site
  • TOC analysis at water treatment facilities is quick and easy with the M5310 C
  • The Two-Stream Inlet configuration for the M5310 C On-Line Analyzer
  • Equipped with standard internal Inorganic Carbon Removal (ICR) module for improved accuracy when analyzing water high in Inorganic Carbon (IC)
  • TOC analysis at water treatment facilities is quick and easy with the M5310 C
  • Pre-calibrated for simple installation ‒ no warm up periods or high temperature operation
  • No need for special training to set up, operate or maintain
  • Minimal maintenance ‒ typically just a few hours per year
  • Modular design for quick consumables replacement
  • Online and portable models now with IP-45 and IP-21 enclosure ratings, respectively

*Offer valid till 31st June 2021.

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