Discrete Analyzer - Automation of basic colorimetric parameters

The BluVision discrete analyzer is used for the analysis of basic colorimetric parameters. It is specially designed for environmental labs having a wide variety of sample types and matrices for analysis.

The Skalar discrete analyzer automates the sample & reagent pipetting into the cuvettes, mixing, heating and measuring of the reaction product. With the BluVision discrete analyzer skalar complements their range of products for the automation of colorimetric analysis, which already consists of the San++ continuous flow analyzer and the SP2000 test kit robotic analyzer.

Skalar BluVision Discrete Analyzer
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  • Automatic colorimetric analysis
  • 15 mm cuvette path length for low ppb levels of detection
  • High sample throughput > 150 test/hour 640 cuvette positions
  • Easy to operate, low reagent consumption Runs up to 8 chemistry parameters simultaneously
  • Separate waste collection for toxic reagents, selectable per method
  • QC protocols such as CLP, CFR part 11
  • All the methods adhere to ISO, EPA, APHA norms

Application Fields

Drinking Water

Waste Water

Ground Water

Surface Water

Sea Water

Soil & Plant


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