Quick and easy measurement of Nitrogen & Protein content in food & feed products

The analysis of protein, through the measurement of nitrogen, is used as a marker for the nutritional quality of food and feed products.

The PrimacsSNC-100 is the perfect solution for laboratories, that demand accurate and rapid protein analysis in a wide variety of food and feed samples using the DUMAS technique.

Skalar PrimacsSN-100
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Key Features

  • Integrated methods according to AACC, AOAC, ASBC, EBC, MEBAK, ICC, ISO, GB, LFGB, NYT etc.
  • Analysis time of 4-6 mins
  • Sample weights of up to 3 g and 1 ml of liquid sample
  • Liquids and pastes easily handled
  • Unique temperature ramping technology to optimize combustion of greatly differing sample matrices, such as meat and vegetable oil
  • Individual method settings for various sample matrices within a single batch
  • A very low cost per analysis
  • Less waste compared to the traditional Kjeldahl measurement.
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Total Carbon and Nitrogen determination in FERTILIZER

Total Nitrogen determination in Animal feed

Total Nitrogen determination in Flour

Total Nitrogen determination in Milk

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