TA Instruments Advanced Solutions for Coating & Ceramic Industries

The Discovery X3 DSC, DSC 2500, DSC 250, DSC 25, and DSC 25P. Discover the advanced engineering and attention to detail that provides enhancements in every aspect of DSC technology and a new level of user experience.

TA Instruments’ patented Tzero™ DSC technology is a revolutionary and fundamentally more accurate way of measuring heat flow. It provides significant improvements in baseline flatness, transition resolution and sensitivity. Tzero™ technology allows direct measurement of heat capacity and makes Modulated® DSC (MDSC®) experiments both faster and more accurate.

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Applications where we can help

  • Record changes in specific heat capacity and latent heat that indicate changes in amorphous and crystalline structures.
  • Detailed analysis of time-dependent mechanical properties.
  • Study the Sintering behaviour of clays for the production of ceramics.
  • Glass Transition (Tg) and Viscoelastic Properties.
  • Watching Paint Dry, determining the effect on materials of exposure to controlled conditions of temperature and relative humidity (RH).
  • Isotherm and Isohum experiments are the most common analyses.

TA Solution offering

Differential Scanning Calorimeters

  • TA Instruments’ DSCs incorporating TzeroTM Technology. This development involves more than just an improved DSC cell with better baseline stability.
  • It utilizes a new measurement principle and an additional element on the DSC sensor that together provide compensation for known intrinsic instrument distortion of the DSC signal.
  • TA Instruments introduced the new Discovery X3 Differential Scanning Calorimeter featuring a multi-sample cell that delivers high quality heat flow data for up to three samples simultaneously.
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Dynamic Vapor Sorption Analyzer

  • The precise humidity control of the Discovery SA in combination with its industry leading weighing performance allows you to measure, analyze and optimize the water sorption properties of your sample material
  • The Discovery SA provides humidity control from 0% RH to 98% RH in the entire temperature range from 5°C to 85°C
  • Autosampler and humidifier autofill pump allow for programming experimental queues of up to 10 or 25 samples
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Optical Dilatometers

  • Optical dilatometry is an innovative and versatile technique capable of measuring without sample contact.
  • Measures dimensional changes in the sub-micro range and beyond the softening point into the melt.
  • Accurately reproducing real industrial firing cycle conditions.
  • It reduces the need for precise parallelism between the two ends of the specimen
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