Introducing Powder Rheology for the Discovery Hybrid Rheometer

Powder Rheology Accessory expands the DHR’s capabilities to powders, enabling characterization of behaviors during storage, dispensing, processing and end use. Product development and process optimization are accelerated with quantitative measurements of dynamic flowability and shear properties of consolidated powder, under ambient conditions or controlled temperature. Screening incoming raw materials or new formulations detects unexpected behavior to avoid large-scale production issues and provide granular-level insights into powder morphology variations to enable solutions to challenging processing problems.

TA Instruments Powder Rheology
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Features & Benefits

  • Flexibility to switch from liquid or solid samples to powders in less than 10 seconds, keeping pace with rapidly changing testing needs
  • Measurements of powder behavior during processing, dispensing, storage and end- use with interchangeable tools for dynamic flowability, shear properties and more
  • Repeatable results enabled by fast, easy intuitive sample loading and automated conditioning protocols
  • Walk-up usability for every operator – TRIOS Powder test forms streamline routine test methods while enabling complete customizability
  • Simplified data interpretation with optional Powder Analysis software, reporting quantitative key performance indicators in one click
  • Available temperature control: -10 °C to 150 °C
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Repeatable Sample Loading

Accurate results depend on repeatable powder sample preparation.  The accessory’s unique loading tools and automated conditioning procedures reduce sample-to-sample variability to as low as 0.2%.

Temperature Control

The DHR offers complete powder rheology testing with controlled temperature to predict powder behaviors under a wide range of environmental conditions. The SmartSwap™ Peltier Concentric Cylinder Jacket offers a versatile, convenient, and safe solution for every powder testing method: Shear, Flowability, Wall Friction, and Compressibility.

Powder temperature is controlled through direct conductive heating and cooling. Sample temperature uniformity is achieved through an upper heat shield and composite heat-break geometries preventing thermal gradients. Peltier technology enables sample heating up to 150 °C and cooling down to -10 °C without the need for liquid nitrogen or mechanical chillers.

Flow Cell

An impeller rotor is moved helically through the powder, measuring torque and force to report unconfined and confined Total Flowability Energy. 
Flow Sample Volume: 21.2 mL

Shear Cell

Powder is consolidated in a serrated cup and plate and slowly sheared until yield under varying normal stress, reporting cohesion, yield strength, flow function and more.
Shear Sample Volume: 13.1 mL

ASTM D7891

Wall Friction

Consolidated powder interactions with a solid surface are directly measured, reporting Wall Friction Angle. Interchangeable smooth and rough steel plates are included, with options for different materials.

Wall Friction Sample Volume: 13.1 mL

ASTM D7891


Pre-conditioned powder is subjected to incrementally increasing normal stresses, monitoring the decrease in sample volume as powder is compressed and reporting % Compressibility under specified normal stress.
Compressibility Sample Volume: 21.2 mL

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Powder Rheology for the Discovery Hybrid Rheometer

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