Thermal Desorption System

Thermal Desorption is an environmental remediation technology that utilizes heat to increase the volatility of contaminants such that they can be removed (separated) from the solid matrix (typically soil, sludge or filter cake). The volatilized contaminants are then either collected or thermally destroyed.

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UNITY-xr is perfect for any laboratory starting out in TD with low throughput requirements, or for those needing a versatile thermal desorber for all their TD applications (whether tubes, canisters, or on-line).

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TD100-xr is perfect for high-throughput analytical laboratories needing to process large numbers of tube-based samples automatically. In contrast to other thermal desorption units, TD100-xr quantitatively re-collects samples for re-analysis or storage, enhancing sample security. TD100-xr also features an electrically cooled cold trap, dispensing with the expense and inconvenience of liquid cryogen.

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TD 100 XR

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