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Total Sulfur in such samples can be measured by using combustion followed by the UV-fluorescence detector technique, as defined in the methods ISO 20846 and ASTM D5453. The challenge for the test laboratories is to choose between the two different methods of sample introduction: direct injection or boat inlet. Where direct injection has the advantage of speed but the boat inlet can be more analytically correct.

Trace Elemental Instruments (TE) offers comprehensive solutions for both direct sample injection and boat sample inlet in all matrices.

TE Instruments  TS and TN analyzer
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The Xplorer-NS Horizontal Instrument is the industry's benchmark for unattended total sulfur analysis. It offers accurate results for biodiesel/FAME samples with the ability to choose between fast analysis and fully controlled analysis of complex matrices without contaminating the instrument.

The Xplorer-V(NS) Vertical instrument enables the analysis of an even wider scope of sample matrices due to a new furnace design and sample injection technology.

  • Most compact Analyzer in the market
  • Ultra-Low Detection Limits: 10 ppb (S) , 10 ppb ( N)
  • Twin boat drive
  • Auto Dilution Program
  • Fast and easy switching between modules, resulting in high productivity


Analysis of Total Nitrogen (CLD) and Total Sulfur (UV-F) in renewable fuels

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