X-ray Diffraction & Elemental Analysis

Bruker's X-ray Diffraction and Scattering portfolio enables detailed analysis of any material from fundamental research to industrial quality control providing forward looking solutions to our customers today.

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Highlight of the Product Offering

The D8 ADVANCE Family

The D8 ADVANCE is a real quick-change artist that can be configured to take on a single analytical task with great focus and dedicated components, or a fully featured, multi-purpose solution that is capable of dealing with very diverse analytical needs with highest competence.

Our famous DAVINCI design ensures for all those solutions easy (re)configuration and extensibility to exactly satisfy your analytical needs, now and in the future.

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D2 PHASER - The world´s best benchtop XRD system

Superior data quality meets unparalleled ease-of-use

The D2 PHASER delivers data quality and collection speed that, up to recently, was thought impossible with a benchtop XRD system.

Due to its compact size, low weight, and ease-of-use design, the system is conveniently mobile, without the need for complicated infrastructure, large, heavy-load work benches, or vendor installation and alignment. A standard power outlet and a few minutes are all that is required to take they system from fully packaged to outstanding results.

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D8 ENDEAVOR – Process and Quality under Control

The new D8 ENDEAVOR is an advanced X-ray Diffraction (XRD) system for powder applications. It is made for extremely simple operation, high measurement speed at lowest detection limits and fast sample turnaround.

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The D8 DISCOVER Family

Top-of-the-line X-ray Diffraction Solution

The D8 DISCOVER family is the most accurate, powerful and flexible X-ray diffraction platform on the market. Thanks to DAVINCI design, every D8 DISCOVER can be fully customized with the latest technology including high-performance X-ray sources, specialized optics, dedicated sample stages and multi-mode detectors. 

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